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Texas Boom Company has Moved to a Larger Facility

Texas Boom Company has relocated.  Our new facility is five miles west of the previous location.  The new address is provided below.  The new plant offers significantly more space on the manufacturing floor, as well as additional office and showroom space.  Our team is realizing improved efficiencies with the expanded production space, which translates into shorter lead times and greater throughput.  Each of these factors should benefit our customers.  

Production at this facility includes the manufacture of oil spill containment boom, turbidity curtains, containment berms, fuel bladders, pillow tanks, and other related products.  The main focus of manufacturing at the facility centers around RF welding of fabrics.  Texas Boom also distributes sorbents, skimmers, spill kits, anchors, buoys, boom reels, life rings and rafts, and tank trailers.  Custom RF welding services are also offered. 

Texas Boom Company address as of February 1, 2024:

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TBC Proud Sponsor of 2019 Clean Waterways

Texas Boom Company is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Clean Waterways Conference and Exhibition at the Hyatt Regency in Cincinnati, OH Apr 16-18.  By supporting this type event, Texas Boom Company helps to support industry partners across various sectors.  It also puts TBC in very good company, joining many recognizable players in the spill prevention and response industry.  Texas Boom Company is also the only Oil Spill Containment Boom manufacturer sponsoring this event.  

TBC Exhibiting at Clean Waterways 2019

Texas Boom Company is Exhibiting at CLEAN WATERWAYS - Come Visit Us at Booth #502

Containment Boom & Turbidity Curtain Storage

For busy contractors, staging and deploying containment boom or turbidity curtains is one small part of a much larger and more hectic schedule.  The pipeline, roadway, bridge, or bulkhead has to be completed on time.  Staging it to be ready when the time comes to put the boom or silt curtain into position is more about timing than optimizing storage or prolonging the life of the products.  The containment boom or silt curtain is made to be used outside in difficult condition, so what's the difference?  Many times the longevity of the product is the least of anyone's concerns in the heat of the moment.  Does the image below look familiar?  

We do want to remind our customers on steps to help optimize the useful life of oil containment boom or turbidity curtains.  When at all possible, storing these products in a dry location out of the sun will greatly prolong their life.  If possible, storing them in a container or building that prevents access to rodents is another key priority, as rodents often inflict damage to this type of product.  Rinsing them and drying them (an ordinary leaf blower can be effective in blowing out the ballast chain chamber) prior to stacking them in storage is also recommended.  Re-bundling the boom or silt curtains will make redeployment much quicker and easier.  It is also important to inspect the products prior to storage, and every six months when they are in storage, to be sure that no significant damage has occurred.  

Treat your spill containment boom or turbidity curtains properly, and you will get your money's worth out of them.   Ignore the basic guidelines for proper storage, and you will be replacing the boom and curtains at a much greater frequency.  

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Fabric Options for Oil Spill Containment Boom

Texas Boom Company typically uses a 22 oz PVC fabric to construct our oil spill containment boom.  This fabric offers a good balance between durability and cost.  This weight fabric adheres well during the RF welding process that TBC utilizes for all seams.  However, there are times when either a lighter fabric is prefered to reduce costs since the oil spill boom may be utilized for a shorter window of time.  Other times, a heavier weight fabric is preferred to add longer life and greater durability if the oil spill containment boom is expected to be deployed and retrieved repeatedly over time.  

Shown above is a recent production run that utilized 28 oz PVC fabric.  The customer needed the oil spill containment boom to be used repeatedly to conform with port requirements when their ships were docked.  Other fabrics like Polyurethane are also options.  Color is also a consideration with some customers.  Permeability is a key requirement on some silt curtain skirts.  We are always willing to consult with customers to choose the best fabric material and weight to meet their needs.  TBC can manufacture oil spill containment boom, silt curtains,and collapsible fabric tanks to exact customer specifications. 

Small Boom with Big Impact

Bigger isn't always better.  Sometimes our customers need a custom sized boom to meet a specific purpose.  Depending on the application and conditions, smaller containment boom can be even more effective than larger sized models.  We will profile this particular application in more detail upon completion of the installation, but we wanted to highlight Texas Boom Company's ability to deliver products to a customer's exact specifications.  

In this particular case, a three inch freeboard is combined with a three inch draft to form a containment boom with six inches of total height.  The customer also requested the boom in all black fabric.  Because of the smaller size and installation, the customer also requested no connectors, making this particular product a hybrid between a conventional containment boom and a Type I turbidity curtain.  The sections of custom containment boom are attached with stainless steel nuts and bolts and galvanized shackles.  The shackles provide sturdy anchor points on the boom as well as attaching the sections together at the bottom pair of grommets.  


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Inflatable Silt Curtains

At Texas Boom Company, we stock a wide range of products that meet the needs of many of our customers.  We develop these core lines of containment boom, silt curtains, and secondary containment berms based on a long history of fabricating these type products per the specifications of our clientele.  TBC has also learned along the way that many of our customers have a unique need that isn’t necessarily addressed by one of our off-the-shelf solutions. 

A recent example includes a new customer who is looking to use silt curtains to help manage the flow of algae and had a few criteria that were important to him as he looked to purchase silt curtains.  His first requirement was a durable fabric that would hold up over repeated use.  He planned to deploy, retrieve and store the silt curtains daily, and he wanted a longer-life silt curtain that would hold up to frequent use. 

Next, the customer was interested in a permeable skirt that would allow water to flow through the skirt to reduce pressure on the silt curtain.  However, it would still be important for the geo-textile used in the silt curtain skirt to impede the flow of algae and vegetation.  These were the fundamental factors that necessitated the need for the silt curtains in the first place. 

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Houston Ship Channel Collision

A collision between a tanker and two barges occurred in the Houston Ship Channel on Friday, May 10, 2019.  The tanker collided with one of the barges, resulting in the second barge capsizing.  The barge damage resulted in a spill of 9000 gallons of flammable material called reformate, which is a gasoline blend.  Six oil skimmers have recovered 376 barrels of product-water mixture.  More than 20,000 feet of spill containment boom was deployed to contain the spill and help protect vulnerable areas.  Salvage teams have secured the two barges and all remaining product has been removed from the damaged barges.  The spill has resulted in some wildlife and fish deaths, and seafood warning was issued by the Texas Department of Health.  Air quality tests in the area have resulted in no actionable levels.  The Galveston Bay Foundation will continue to take water samples for testing.  At this time, the Houston Ship Channel has resumed full operation. 



TBC Displaying at WEDA Dredging Summit & Expo '19

Texas Boom Company is pleased to be participating in the 2019 Dredging Summit and Expo, hosted by the Western Dredging Association (WEDA).  This annual meeting brings together many of the leaders in the dredging industry and is a great opportunity for ongoing education and networking.  Texas Boom Company is a burgeoning leader in supplying silt curtains to the dredging industry.  

It's exciting to hear about all the projects underway across the US.  Customization of silt curtains to the exact specifications is a leading topic of discussion amongst our existing and prospective customers here at the show.  Each of these projects is planned and executed with exacting attention to detail.  Texas Boom Company has the ability to quickly deliver customized silt curtains to meet the demanding needs of these dredging customers.  

Come see the TBC display at booth 30.  The event is being held June 4-7 at the Chicago Hilton.  

Custom Fabrication

The skilled craftsmen at Texas Boom Company have quite a bit of experience fabricating coated fabric products to exact customer specifications.  These custom products are sometimes based on existing product designs, while other times they are completely unrelated to TBC's core business.  Regardless, we offer our customers the ability to receive a product that meets their exact needs.

Recently, Texas Boom Company tackled a project to produce a custom-designed inflatable boom product.  These 8-inch diameter inflatable booms were intended to provide flotation for a very specific application.  These custom booms also required the addition of retention loops to serve as guides for this particular use.  Because these booms are inflatable, you can see they require less space to transport and store when not inflated.  Use of a leaf blower or an air compressor can quickly transform these from flat pockets to fully inflated floats.  

Another example of custom fabrication work completed by Texas Boom Company is a set of floats that help self-right a capsized watercraft.  These inflatable balls are constructed similar to the geometry of a soccer ball.  The RF welding provided terrific bonds between each of the side panels.  The valve types used met the customer's exact standards required.  

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Dredging Projects Using TBC Silt Curtains

Texas Boom Company has produced a number of silt curtains recently from dredging projects across the US.  As you would expect, as a dredging operation takes place, mud and sand are stirred into the adjacent water.  This material remains suspended in the water until it washes away or settles back to the bottom.  Dredgers use floating silt curtains (turbidity curtains) to keep silk and sediment from migrating while suspended.  This helps to avoid muddying local waterways during the dredging process.  Whether used to meet regulatory requirements or simply as a courtesy to others, silt curtains are effective in helping to reduce sediment runoff. 

Three recent projects are highlighted below, selected because our customers were kind enough to share pictures of the silt curtains in use.  

The first project was a roadway construction project here in Texas.  As can be seen in the image, the silt curtain is effective in keeping the sediment from escaping the construction area.  Because the silt is contained, it will eventually settle in place, leaving the area water clear and free of an abundance of eroded mud. 

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Water Hyacinth Removal Project

Cattail Marsh is a 900 acre wildlife area located in Beaumont, Texas.  This marsh is located adjacent to Tyrrell Park and serves as a component of the waste water filtration system for the city.  The marsh features a 520 foot boardwalk that was installed in 2016 at a cost of $285,000.  Cattail Marsh and the surrounding area support a wide variety of local wildlife and is a popular bird watching site. 

As is common in many bodies of water in the area, Water Hyacinth has taken root and spread rapidly across the entire marsh.  Water Hyacinth is an invasive plant species that is recognized as one of the fastest growing plant species in the world.  The plants primary means of reproduction are runners that eventually form sister plants.  It also produces large volumes of seeds that remain viable for up to 30 years.  Because of its ability to rapidly reproduce, coverage areas can double in periods as quickly as two weeks.  

If left unchecked, Water Hyacinth can completely cover a body of water, resulting in reduced water flow, complete blocking of sunlight to submerged plant species, and a depletion of oxygen from the water itself.  These results can have a major detrimental impact on plant and animal species.  This plant is difficult to control once introduced to a lake, pond or stream.  Water Hyacinth has no know direct food value for wildlife.  

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Texas Boom Sponsors Wreaths Across America

For the second consecutive year, Texas Boom Company is proud to provide sponsorship for Wreaths Across America.  This outstanding organization aims to achieve three primary goals:

  • REMEMBER our fallen US Veterans
  • HONOR those who serve
  • TEACH your children the value of freedom

This is in part accomplished by laying holiday wreaths at every gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery, as well as over 1600 other locations around the country and abroad.  There are a few ways you can help with this worthy cause.  Saturday, December 14, 2019, is National Wreaths Across America Day.  You can volunteer to help at one of the many locations with the placement of the wreaths at the gravesite of fallen veterans.  You can also donate to help fund the purchase of the wreaths for placement.  Your donations can be either to the national program or targeted to a local cemetery.  Either way, you are helping with a worthy cause.  Please consider participating in this important program.  


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Boom and Sorbents at the Ready

When a call comes in as the result of an active spill, office hours don't much matter.  Texas Boom Company stands at the ready to equip companies to quickly and effectively respond to oil spills.  The most recent example occurred when a leaking wellhead was identified in Tabbs Bay near Baytown, TX.  The exact source of the leak was unknown, so each of the companies that potential own the wellhead responded quickly.  TBC was asked to provide conventional oil spill containment boom and sorbents and responded by getting a trailer loaded in short order.  Our company also worked to provide additional sorbent boom the following day and consulted on deployment as well.  The goal at TBC is to have inventory at the ready for just such a need and to provide the knowledge needed to effectively deploy the products.  

While we hate to hear of any spill, we take pride in knowing that our products are used to mitigate the damage that results from any spill.  Containment boom keeps the oil from spreading.  Sorbent boom adsorbs the oil without taking on the water.  Oil skimmers collect the oil without intaking the water.  These three primary components are all be used in conjunction to reduce the environmental impact until the oil can be recovered and the shoreline cleaned.  It's not a perfect system, but it serves a tried and true means to lessen the damage caused by any spill.  

Workboat sets a perimeter with Texas Boom Company's oil spill containment boom.

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Red Drift Algae Containment Boom

Texas Boom Company was pleased to help facilitate the initial trial for equipment designed to help address the challenges posed by Red Drift Algae in Sanibel, Florida.  Red Drift Algae periodically accumulates along beaches, resulting in littered beaches and unpleasant odors.  This is certainly a deterrent to beach-goers, and detrimental to businesses that depend on beach tourist traffic.  The intent is for this type of equipment to eliminate the presence of this nuisance algae in beach areas that are frequented as recreational and resort areas. 



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Duckweed Barrier

As the spring season progresses and temperatures begin to rise, it is a sure bet many areas will see an increase in problems associated with marine vegetation.  These water-based plants, often invasive species, grow rapidly and can overtake a body of water quickly, blocking out the sunlight into the water and depleting the oxygen levels in the water.  These problems affect not only people but also animals and other plants.  Common freshwater plant species that can be a nuisance in the US include Water Hyacinth, Hydrilla, Duckweed, Watermeal and Giant Salvinia.  These plants can overgrow rivers, streams, creeks, bayous, lakes, ponds and reservoirs. 



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Operation Clean Sweep


Operation Clean Sweep ( is a campaign designed to help every plastic resin handling operation achieve zero pellet, flake, and powder loss.  For over 25 years, companies have been engaging with industry trade groups to educate and motivate all companies that deal with plastic in these raw material forms to help prevent pollution.  Because most plastics in pellet, flake and powder form are small, light-weight, and buoyant, they are easily transported via drainage systems to open bodies of water, where they ultimately impact wildlife and the environment.  Operation Clean Sweep helps to tackle the problem at the source.  As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 


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TBC's Spill Containment Boom Used by US Navy

Texas Boom Company has a long history of providing oil spill containment boom, buoys, markers, bladder tanks and containment berms to all branches of the US Military and the civilian organizations that provide support for them across the globe.  Our company is proud to manufacture our products in the United States and to support our military in their mission to keep our country safe and maintain our freedom.  As such, we are pleased to recently receive these pictures of our 10 inch oil spill containment boom being used in port by the USS Wichita in Puerto Rico.  



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Accessories for Containment Boom and Turbidity Curtain Installations

Whether you are installing oil spill containment boom or turbidity curtains, these products are only one of the items you will need for a successful deployment.  Factors such as wind, tide levels, currents, boat traffic, and safety issues are all considerations when developing your plan. Texas Boom Company offers a wide range of accessories that can make your installation easier, safer, and more effective.  Anchors, lines, buoys, lights, beach stakes, and tow bridles can all be important additions to a successful installation.  

Installation layouts can result in varied layouts and patterns to best accomplish the intended goal of containing material or silt.  These same considerations come into play with traditional oil spill containment boom, sorbent containment boom, inflatable containment boom, shore barrier boom, or permanent type fence boom.  Texas Boom Company offers installation instructions and a number of diagrams that show different layouts for containment boom installation or turbidity curtain installation


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What are Day Shapes or Day Mark Signals?

Day shapes or day markers are mast head signals comprised of geometric shapes.  These signals convey the status of a vessel on navigable waters during daylight hours.  The four basic shapes of the markers are ball, cylinder, cone, and diamond.  The day shapes are used alone or in combination to provide a range of status updates visible during the day and are intended to mimic the navigation light requirement during nightfall or poor visibility.  Day shapes are required to be deployed from sunrise to sunset and are typically hung from a mast for ease of visibility from a distance. 



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