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Texas Boom’s catch basins and berms are great for handling waste, spills, and runoff efficiently and safely. We offer a variety of wash berms, fill berms, and chemical berms that function as mobile containment systems, environmental protection solutions, and backup spill containment in the event storage vessels leak or fail. 

Product Features

  • Available from small to very large sizes
  • Quick and easy to deploy.
  • Just unfold and you are ready to go.
  • Open cell foam walls can be compressed and pop back up repeatedly
  • Drive on and drive off berm with vehicles, fork lifts or dollys


  • Handles waste, spills, and runoff efficiently and safely
  • Perfect protection for storage of barrels or drums
  • Catch fuel and oil leaks under equipment, vehicles, and tanks
  • Minimize cleanup after maintenance and repair
  • Secondary containment option - avoid costly remediation after the fact
  • Available in PVC, Urethane, and other highly chemical resistant fabrics