Spring Activated Connector Pins

Spring Activated Connector Pins

Stainless steel, spring-activated connector pins are used to lock together two universal aluminum Z connectors.  The Z connection plates interlock to form a strong union between two sections of the oil containment boom or turbidity curtain.  The self-locking pins fit through holes aligned on each Z connector and lock into place when the spring flips the latch 90 degrees when inserted.  The connector pins feature a stainless steel lanyard that is used to permanently connect the pins to the end connector plates.  Texas Boom Company offers these spring-activated toggle pins as replacements for connector pins that have become lost.  These stainless steel (ss) connector pins are fabricated to endure long term exposure to saltwater.  Sold in packs of 10.


Pin Diameter:  5/16 in

Pin length when engaged:  2.5 in

Pin length when not engaged:  3 in

Lanyard length: 10 in


Also referred to as toggle pins or swivel lock pins for oil booms.

Adheres to ASTM F962 − 04 standards.