JIM-BUOY Marker and Buoy Lights

JIM-BUOY Marker and Buoy Lights

These durable LED lights are designed to perform in challenging conditions and are watertight, submersible, and salt resistant. Virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens. Offers visibility up to one mile. Powered by three common “D” cell alkaline batteries (not included) and controlled by dusk to dawn solar sensors, meaning they only operate at night and shut off during daylight hours to conserve battery life. Available with white, green, amber or red LEDs.

In addition to illuminating buoys and channel markers, these lights are great options to provide beacons on deployed oil spill containment boom and silt curtains. Adding lights to containment boom and silt curtains on the water improves safety for boaters and aids with effective position monitoring of the boom or silt curtains after dark.

U.S. Coast Guard Compliant- Both models comply with USCG Rule 88.15 for dredge and pipeline applications, USCG Rule 24 for towing or pushing and USCG Rule 22 for visibility of lights.

Additional applications include commercial fishing, aquaculture ponds, marine industry and boating, highway maintenance and safety, home, farm, and auto.

9000-X light flashes 30 times per minute with a 40 millisecond flash (30 FPM) – offers up to one year of battery life.

9000-XSB light provides a steady burn with no flash – offers up to 1 1/2 months of battery life.

Manufactured by JIM-BUOY / Cal-June.


Buoy Light and Accessory Specifications

Model NumberDescription
9000-X High Intensity LED Utility Light (White, Red, Green, Amber) - Flashing - 30 FPM
9000-XSB High Intensity LED Utility Light (White, Red, Green, Amber) - Steady Burn
9000-1 Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
9000-3 Float for Light