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Anchor Systems

Texas Boom Company Anchor Systems are the best way to secure oil containment boom, baffles, turbidity curtains, or silt curtains in the open water for maximum containment effectiveness.  These anchor kits include all the components needed for quick and easy security of the boom or curtain during installation.  This standard anchor kit includes: 

  • 22lb Danforth-style Anchor - Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG)
  • 10ft ¼” HDG Chain Leader ¼” HDG Shackles
  • 50ft ½” polypropylene rope w/ HDG thimble eyes and ½” HDG shackles
  • Orange A2 Buoy
  • 6ft Rope Leader line ½” with thimble eyes

Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) is a process used to protect steel from corrosion in harsh environments.  The zinc coating corrodes at a rate approximately 1/30 of that for steel, depending on the specific exposure.  HDG anchor kit components have been proven to hold up very well during exposure to salt water.