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These flexible pools can be used as an inflatable catch pan, quick tank, or portable berm.  These rugged pools or berms are manufactured from double coated fabric, designed with particular objectives of serving tanker trucks and rail tank cars spills, pipeline repair and maintenance, chemical transfers, bulk plant operations, protection against leaks and spills during routine maintenance activities, HAZMAT containment and decontamination pool, as well as performing as a quick erect secondary containment system. These containment pools are simple to use and easy to deploy. Any compressed air source will inflate the pool walls in under two minutes. When deflated and folded in a carrying case, the containment pools compact and ideal for storage and transportation. Our containment pools offer both containment and protection and are widely used by many HAZMAT teams, fire stations, bulk liquid rail terminals, refineries, and pipeline operators. Texas Boom Company containment pools are manufactured 14 inch deep and 5 feet wide with lengths ranging from 5 feet to 100 feet or more. Custom dimensions can also readily be manufactured to suit the specific application and space availability.

Product Features:

  • Inflatable catch can, quick tank or portable berm
  • Offers both containment and protection
  • Quick, simple and easy set up and storage
  • Reusable


  • Uses for: Hazmat, Fire Station use, refineries and pipeline operators
  • Quick erect secondary containment system
  • Can be used as wash down pad or pumping station