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Containing spilled oil and other hydrocarbons is one of the primary uses of containment boom.  Foam-filled containment boom (contractor boom), river containment boom, inflatable containment boom, shore barrier containment boom and permanent containment boom are popular choices to combat oil spills. 

Containment boom can also be used to corral other materials like debris, trash, Duckweed, Water Hyacinth, Sargasm, seaweed, fish feed, cranberries, and other floating items.  Texas Boom Company has developed specialty boom types that are designed to meet specific industry purposes.  Sea Weed Boom is constructed to protect the resort and recreational beaches.  Cranberry Boom is used to make harvesting floating cranberries from flooded bogs more efficient.  Fish Farm Boom contains fish feed to keep it off the shoreline in fish farm and aquaculture ponds.  Review each type in more detail to determine which containment boom may be the best fit for a particular application or need.  

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