Cranberry Boom

Cranberry Boom

Cranberry boom is a floating barrier that is used to corral the cranberries after cranberry farmers have removed the cranberries from the vines. These lightweight yet durable booms are strung around the floating cranberries and allow the berries to be pulled towards the shore and concentrated at the preferred extraction point. These cranberry booms are an alternative to the traditional boards that have been used to contain and corral the cranberry crops in the bogs. Because they are lighter than the boards, they are easier for the harvesters to deploy, manipulate, remove, and store. These cranberry booms are designed to provide a freeboard height of 4 inches above the waterline, allowing the cranberries to stack to the 4 inches as the boom is retrieved.

Product Features:

  • 8 inch overall height
  • 4 inch freeboard (above water)
  • 4 inch skirt (below water)
  • Durable 18 ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric
  • Constructed using durable welds at all seams
  • Quick-Connect universal aluminum end connectors with stainless steel connector pins
  • Flotation segments are 3 feet long for superior wave conformity and ease of handling and storage
  • Floats contain rolled closed-cell polyethylene foam (not XPS - styrofoam)
  • Ballast Chain – 1/4 inch HDG steel
  • Reinforced anchor points every 25 feet
  • Available in Black or Orange
  • Sold in 50 foot and 100 foot sections
  • Boom designed specifically for cranberry farming
  • Custom boom designs and sizes available for any type of condition or application (e.g. fabric, freeboard height, skirt height)


Product NumberOverall HeightFloat FreeboardSkirt DraftFeatures
TXCB-8 8” 4” 4” Universal Aluminum End Connector, Solid Skirt
TXCB-8-PERM 8” 4” 4" Universal Aluminum End Connector, Permeable Skirt
TXCB-8-TTC 8" 4" 4" Top Tension Cable, Universal Aluminum End Connector, Solid Skirt

Product Specifications Sheet