Seaweed Boom

Seaweed Boom

Seaweed Boom is designed to serve as a barrier to prevent Sargassum, seagrass, and other seaweed from reaching beaches, shorelines, and other areas that can become problematic when overwhelmed by seaweed or other types of debris. Seaweed Boom is constructed to be deployed parallel to the shoreline, forming a line of defense to keep the Sargassum from reaching the beach. The floating barrier provided by the seaweed boom keeps the Sargassum off the beach and/or directed to a targeted shore location where it can efficiently be collection and removed. The skirt is built with a mesh fabric that allows water to flow through. This mesh fabric is a better alternative than netting that can trap fish and other sea life. In addition, because the floating Sargassum barrier floats and the skirt shouldn’t reach the bottom, it allows marine life to swim under the barrier.

Seaweed Boom is typically fabricated in 50 foot or 100 ft sections that can be connected end to end to form long floating Sargassum barriers. Seaweed boom can reduce the labor-intensive costs associated with frequent removal of Sargassum from the shore and provide a better experience for visitors to the affected area. This solution is great for beaches at hotels, resorts and parks, as well as marinas, ports, boat docks, and fishing piers.

Product Features:

  • Constructed using durable welds at all seams
  • 13 inch freeboard - 22 ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric
  • 36 inch permeable mesh skirt - 22 ounce woven PVC coated polyester mesh
  • High-tensile-strength aluminum end connectors are universally compatible (Z type) – bottom end connector optional
  • Flotation segments are 3 ft long for superior wave conformity and ease of handling and storage
  • Floats contain rolled closed-cell polyethylene foam (not styrofoam)
  • Ballast Chain – ½ inch HDG steel
  • Tensions Cables – 5/16 inch coated stainless steel
  • Reinforced anchor points every 25 feet
  • Side seam grommets allow section ends to be better connected using wire ties, rope, or nuts and bolts between the end connectors.
  • Available in Blue, Black or Orange
  • Designed for deployment to serve as a barrier for floating Sargassum, seaweed or other floating debris
  • Custom designs and sizes available for any type of condition or application


Product NumberOverall HeightFloat FreeboardSkirt DraftFeatures
TXSWB-49 49” 13” 36” Single Tension Cable
Permeable Mesh Skirt
Universal Z Connectors
TXSWB-49-TCC 49” 13” 36" Double Tension Cable
Permeable Mesh Skirt
Universal Z Connectors

Product Specifications Sheet