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Floating Oil Boom

There are two major categories of floating oil boom:  Absorbent Floating Oil Boom and Non-Absorbent Floating Oil Boom.  Both serve a specific purpose, and they can be used in tandem to help contain oil spills in bodies of water such as oceans, gulfs, bays, rivers, streams, lakes, canals, and ponds.

Absorbent Floating Oil Boom is comprised of a mesh sock or tube filled with polypropylene.  The fibers in the boom absorb oil and other hydrocarbons while repelling water.   In addition, the properties of the polypropylene fibers also provide buoyancy, allowing these absorbent booms to float with no additional material required.  These floating oil booms are effective until they become saturated, reaching the end of their useful life.  Upon saturation, these booms are then disposed of properly, having removed a significant volume of oil from the water where they were deployed.  Absorbent floating boom are typically deployed in calmer waters.  

TXSB 5 Floating Absorbent Oil Boom 

Non-Absorbent floating oil boom is made to be a barrier that contains oil, keeping it from spreading.  This oil can then be skimmed or dispersed using chemicals that break the oil down into smaller particles.  This type floating oil boom can either utilize foam filled chambers or air filled chambers to provide the floatation.  The foam filled floating oil boom is conventional or contractor boom, while the air filled floating boom is inflatable boom.   Because these floating oil booms do not absorb oil, they offer a longer term solution to contain the oil.  There are additional styles of non-absorbent floating oil boom, including permanent oil containment boom.  This permanent oil boom is made of more durable materials and is intended for extended use after deployment.  Any of these types of floating oil boom can be sized accordingly, making them effective for water and weather conditions ranging from calm to severe.  

Floating Oil Containment Boom

Oil spill responders often run both of these type floating oil booms in parallel, with the absorbent boom on the oil exposed side of the non-absorbent floating boom.  The conventional boom serves as the barrier while the absorbent boom collects the oil that accumulates at the barrier. 

Absorbent Boom and Non Absorbent Boom

Texas Boom Company can quickly provide any of the floating oil boom cited here.  Simply click the links above or call us at (281) 441-2002 for expert advice, competitive pricing, and quick lead times. 

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