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COVID-19 Test Site Diesel Tank Trailers

The entire world continues to monitor the spread and mortality associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since February 2020, government officials across the US have been forced to make difficult choices regarding quarantines, shutdowns, social distancing, and personal protection equipment (PPE) protocols.  While the early models over-estimated the potential number of cases and deaths associated with the Corona Virus outbreak, there’s no doubt it has had a significant health impact in the US and across the globe. 

One of the early challenges faced here in the US was the ability to perform testing for COVID-19 on a massive scale.  This required the development of effective testing, as well as the need to administer and evaluate millions of tests.   One of the common models deployed domestically was the development of drive-through test sites that allowed potential carriers of the deadly disease to remain in their cars while proceeding through the test process.  This helped to limit exposure to other people and medical professionals administering the test, while also proving to be efficient logistically. 

As a result, testing sites were set up in large parking lots across the country.  Tents were often used to house the COVID-19 test facility, while generators were also commonly deployed to provide power to run these temporary facilities.   Generators require fuel to produce electricity, and that’s where Texas Boom Company has helped the cause.  Texas Boom sells diesel fuel tank trailers that serve the purpose of keeping generators fueled quite well.

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