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Using Collapsible Bladder Tanks as Ballast

Bladder tanks are a great way to provide ballast for a wide range of applications.  These fabric tanks lay flat and can be rolled for storage and ease of transport.  By simply adding water, you can add weight quickly and easily.  Disposing of the weight for transport is as easy as dumping the water.  Safe, quick, and effective.  The fabric used to make the collapsible bladder tanks is durable, and is reinforced opposite the valves to avoid any issues with abrasion inside the tank during transport.  We use top quality Monsun valves on these tanks. 

25 gallon Bladder Tanks Ballast

A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.  These 25 gallon collapsible tanks weigh less than 5 pounds empty.  Filling these 25 gallon tanks to capacity provides over 200 pounds of ballast weight.   For outdoor applications, you can use a hose to bring the weight directly to your location, and the water can typically be dumped without needing to relocate the bladder.  For indoor applications, the bladder would need to be moved to a drain for emptying. 

Applications could include balancing weight on a trailer, providing stability with any type stand or trade show display, providing temporary anchor points for a tent of shade structure, or countless other uses.  Shapes can be customized to meet your exact need.  Call Texas Boom Company at 281-441-2002 to discuss your exact needs and get pricing. 

Follow up:

The customer who purchased these bladder tanks to be used as ballast with his RV has reported back that the ballast tanks are performing exactly as intended, even in high winds.  He shared the image below to demonstrate how he deployed the bladders.  We appreciate the feedback and hope it may help others tackle a similar challenge or application.  

Texas Boom Ballast Bladders a

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