Texas Boom - Legacy Product Name Guide

As Texas Boom Company has evolved since its founding in 1986, the product lines and branding have varied over the years.  In order to help clarify where to find an appropriate product when referencing older marketing material, order invoices, or product markings, we are providing a guide below.  If you ever have any questions about what current products are suitable to meet your needs, please feel free to call us at 281-441-2002 or contact us via the Website.  Texas Boom is here at the ready to help you make the proper purchase.

Containment Boom:

Conventional Boom now covers what was previously referred to as Seagull Series (10 in – 24 in boom), Petrel Series (30 in – 60 in boom).  Texas Boom’s oil containment booms were also referred to as Texaboom at times.

River Boom now covers what was previously referred to as the Riverine Series.  These are offered in 22 in or 26 in, but different heights can be provided upon request. 

Shore Barrier Boom now covers the products traditionally sold as Tideboom Series or Shorebarrier Series.  Heights vary from 12 in to 30 in.

Permanent Boom was previously sold as the Barrier Reef Series.  Heights range from 10 in to 60 in.


Containment Berms offer what was previously offered as Texaberm, Texapool and Texatank.  These include inflatable sides berms and pools, foam filled sided berms, and rigid framed tanks. 


Collapsible Fabric Tanks were previously called Texablad and are available in most any capacity. 

Collapsible Onion Tanks were marketed as Floatank.  These are also available in varying capacity.


We Texapologize if these changes over time have caused any confusion.  Please contact us if you need assistance with product selection or specification. 

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