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New Turbidity Curtain

Turbidity Curtains are temporary in-water sediment barriers made of continuous geotextile curtains suspended from a flotation device. A ballast weight holds the curtain vertically. Turbidity curtains are used to keep debris and sediments from reaching the project site. Texas Boom has been making turbidity curtains since 1995. Texas Boom's wealth of experience will guide you in the right direction so you can get the products that you want. 

Many marine constructions lead to soil erosion, which results in more suspended particles. The distance that suspended sediment travels depends on current and wave action, impact water turbidity and the behavior of fish feeding. Many prey depend on suspended organic particles, which can cloud the water. Turbidity curtains can be used to deflect and contain sediment in the immediate vicinity. The design of the right turbidity barrier is affected by the water flow conditions. Different water flow conditions might require a different type of turbidity curtain. Another important aspect is water direction. Turbidity barriers are not dams. They are meant to prevent water flow. They trap sediment. They shouldn't be placed in the middle of channel flows. Your turbidity curtains must be placed in the correct place. Otherwise, they may not work properly. Texas Boom's turbidity curtains are top-of-the-line and ready to use. Texas Boom offers a variety of products that deal with oil spillage and containment. Type 1 Turbidity Curtain

Turbidity barriers are only as strong as the connections between their ends and water. To completely close the area where sediment can enter the water, the floating and lower-weighted ends must touch the shoreline. You can attach the curtain to the end using trees or other large solid objects. To prevent water flow, the fabric can be made impermeable. Silt curtains do not act as water impoundment dams. They are not designed to stop water flow. Silt curtains are used to protect the area where sediment is being deposited. It is common to use a permeable skirt. Silt Curtains can be placed in layers. Multiple silt curtains may be installed in parallel to increase runoff and control. There are two types of skirts: permeable and impermeable. Types I, II and III can be used for slow and medium moving water. Permeable skirts made with silt curtains permit water to flow through them, while keeping sediment and silt in the water. Permeable skirts can be made from geotextile fabric. Permeable skirts are suitable for situations where there is high water, waves, or any other difficult conditions. Texas Boom has been involved in oil spill response for more than 35 years. They offer a variety of products that can be used to contain oil spillages. They can direct you to oil spill containment products which will clean your waterways in an eco-friendly manner.