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Today, the 200-year-old cranberry business is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. The United States is the largest cranberry producer in the world, with approximately 40,800 acres. This yielded almost 8.7 million barrels of cranberries in 2017. Farmers have made improvements to their farming methods and planted different types of plants over the years. This has led to an increase in yield per acre. Computerized scanners can now inspect berries for color, firmness, or imperfections. Many growers have invested in high-tech equipment that allows them to harvest, sort, and package fruit more efficiently to meet consumer demand and increase efficiency.Texas Boom manufactures high quality cranberry containment booms that corral the cranberries and keep unwanted debris and sediments away. 


Two methods can be used to harvest cranberries during the fall: dry harvesting and wet harvesting. Dry harvesting means that the berries are then harvested from the vines by dry harvesting. These berries are sometimes sold as fresh cranberries to the market. This harvesting method is labor-intensive and can be more costly. This harvests less than 10% of the annual crop. Wet harvesting is the best method to harvest the most berries. Because of their inner air pocket, cranberries can be easily pushed from vines by floating. The cranberry growers fill the bogs in with water and then use water reels or egg beaters to stir the water to extract the cranberries. The floating berries can be collected with booms and then dragged to their destinations. After the cranberries are pulled in by the booms they can be either vacuumed or transferred to a truck via conveyor belt for transport to a plant. These wet cranberries are then used to make sauces, juices, and other products. The process of collecting floating cherries is called corralling. Texas Boom Company providesCranberry Boom Texas Boom these floating cranberry barriers for cranberry growers. In the beginning, the booms were made of wood to corral the berries. These boards are heavy and can be difficult to transport. 


Texas Boom's Cranberry Boom products can be used to corral cranberries. The boom is lightweight and flexible so it can be pulled out easily. The drag of retrieving the cranberry-boom is reduced by a permeable mesh skirt.  The 50-foot and 100-foot sections can be attached end-to-end. These sections can be easily carried from bog to bog during harvest and folded accordion-style when not in use. A ballast chain holds the Cranberry Boom upright while it is in use. Closed-cell foam is used for flotation. Texas Boom has been designing and manufacturing containment/oil spill response equipment for over 20 years. Texas Boom strives for their products to be high quality and top of the line. These benefits result in a higher return on investment and greater profitability. Farmers not only love the industry but also want to provide for their family and employees. It is a smart business move to use cranberry booms in the harvest process. If you need high quality Cranberry Booms, get into contact with Texas Boom. They will point you in the right direction and will ensure you get the products you need. 


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