Texas Boom Company has a long history of providing oil spill containment boom, buoys, markers, bladder tanks and containment berms to all branches of the US Military and the civilian organizations that provide support for them across the globe.  Our company is proud to manufacture our products in the United States and to support our military in their mission to keep our country safe and maintain our freedom.  As such, we are pleased to recently receive these pictures of our 10 inch oil spill containment boom being used in port by the USS Wichita in Puerto Rico.  


Texas Boom Deployed in Port in Puerto Rico b


Oil spill containment boom is often used around ships that are docked in port as a precaution to keep any oil, fuel, or fluid leaks from escaping the immediate area around the vessel.  If spills or leaks are detected, they can be contained and skimmed, allowing for proper collection and disposal.  Spill containment boom is also used during the refueling of ships.  Avoiding environmental damage is always a top priority in responsible port operations.  This boom pictured has been deployed as a precaution during the ship's time in port.


Texas Boom Deployed in Port in Puerto Rico c


The USS Wichita (LCS 13) was commissioned on January 12, 2019.  It is a Freedom-class littoral combat ship, the 13th in the US Navy Fleet.  The ship was build by Marinette Marine and was launched September 17, 2016.  Acceptance trials were performed in Lake Michigan and was aquired by the US Navy on August 22, 2018.  Wichita's homport is Naval Station Mayport in Florida.  This is the third US Navy vessel to carry the Wichita name, which honors Kansas' largest city.   


USS Wichita LCS 13


Overview Specifications of the USS Wichita (LCS 13):


The oil spill containment boom product shown in these images is TXB-10, which is a ten inch boom offering a four inch freeboard and six inch skirt.  Because this size boom is typcially used in calm waters, it is a relatively small sized boom that is easy to deploy, retrieve and store.  This containment boom does not feature a tension cable, which reduces the weight and increases the ease of folding the containment boom for storage.  This boom is constructed of durable 22 ounce PVC fabric and featuers a 3/16 inch ballast chain and universal aluminum "Z" connectors.  Specification Sheets for the TXB-10 boom are available here.

Texas Boom 10 in Boom

Whether its for the US Navy and the companies that support them, a small lake marina, or something in between, Texas Boom Company offers some of the best made oil spill containment boom available.  We place a top priority on quality, and offer competitive pricing and quick lead times.  If you are in need of containment boom, please contact Texas Boom and let us consult with you on your specific needs.  We are here to help.