Texas Boom Company is willing and able to fabricate silt curtains to a customer's exact specifications.  Depending on the application, the silt curtains vary in length, freeboard and skirt height, connectivity, fabric weight, permeability, color, and whether tension cables and ballast chains are needed.  DOT requirements can also vary from state to state.  If you can describe it or provide the specifications, we can build it quickly and economically.  The way the curtain will be used and where it will be used dictate what solution will work best to meet the project's needs.  TBC also offers a selection of standard models, including Type I, II, and III turbidity curtains.  Consult with one of our experts if you are unsure which silt curtain is best suited for your project.  

Below is a customized Type I silt curtain that was recently built with a permeable skirt and without a top tension cable or ballast chain.  These silt curtains were shipped to Georgia, so keep in mind that Texas Boom company serves customers all over North and South America.  

Type I Turbidity Curtain Deployment